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Building Relationships Builds Your Business

We often hear this question, “What is the best way to attract and retain new customers?” The answer you will most often find is developing meaningful relationships with your customers drives both sales and loyalty. Here are 4 ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by building customer relationships:

1. Follow-Up

Following up with customers is common knowledge, yet few companies put that extra effort in. According to the Association of Sales Directors, 81% of sales happen on or after the 5th time making contact. That means you could only be reaching about 20% of your business’s potential! Make a goal to schedule follow ups via email, phone or live meetings to keep in consistent contact with your customer. Use personalized messages based on previous conversations to your method of contact to go the extra mile.

2. Reward Them

If you want to retain a customer, rewarding them is a way to show them you appreciate their business. Think random acts of kindness, such as a percentage discount on their next order, a thank you gift sent to their business or a free item or service with purchase.

3. Get to Know What They Do

What business are they in? Who are their main clients? What are their goals? By expressing interest in what they do, you are proving they are more than just dollar signs to you. You will see results from getting to know them and creating that deeper relationship as 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience*.

4. Be Human

This is perhaps the most important aspect to building relationships. Don’t be cookie-cutter in your proposals, conversations or follow up. Be genuine, be in the moment and be different. Build the relationship with your customers that makes you the person they want to be loyal to.

The best salesperson on your staff is a happy, repeat customer. Want help building relationships with your customers? Give us a call today!

*- SuperOffice

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