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Essentials for Marketing Success

There are key essentials you will need when marketing your company. Here are a few tips on pieces to complete the marketing puzzle for your business.

Website- Have a professionally built, high-functioning site; it is vital to your marketing. You want your site to be user and mobile-friendly so customers can learn about you efficiently. A visually appealing, well put together, and easy-to-use site lends itself to customers trusting you and your business.

Social Media- Quality over quantity is the key to success when marketing on social media channels. The “shotgun approach” is no longer a viable option as people are being hit by so many advertisements while scrolling through their feeds. Throwing an abundance of non-relative content at customers is an easy way to turn them off. Remember to include links to your website on your social media channels. This is a simple way to drive traffic to your site.

Direct Mail- Develop a list of customers and prospects to send personalized mail to. These direct mail pieces should have tailored content relevant to your recipients. This is a great time for you to showcase product samples or highlight the capabilities of your business. When a customer sees impressive work you have done they will be more likely to be interested in doing business with you.

Email- Similar to direct mail, develop a list of customers and prospects to connect to via email. These emails need to be kept short but should show the benefits of choosing your company to do business with. Your emails can include enticing offers or incentives to drive people to make a purchase. Use these emails to direct potential or current customers to your website or wherever your products are sold.

When creating and executing a marketing plan, it’s imperative to market to YOUR audience, not the entire world. In order to properly do this you must first define your target customer and how you plan to advertise messages towards them. If potential customers believe that your message is individualized towards them, you will reap the benefits.

If you have questions or need consulting for custom marketing campaigns, contact the Lexinet team today. We can help ensure you are on the right track to marketing success!

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