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Tips for Marketing During the Holidays

The holiday season may be a busy and expensive time for customers, but there is still a need to keep your marketing efforts ramped up during these months.

When customers are looking for products or services you can offer during the holidays, will your business be top of mind? Slowing down marketing efforts means you could miss these opportunities as well as business going in to the new year.

Here are simple tips for marketing during the holidays:

1. Use a personal touch to communicate. Send a holiday card to current and past customers thanking them for their business. At the same time, put together a list of potential customers with a holiday theme that also talks about your offerings. Take a different spin on a holiday card by sending a Thanksgiving or New Year card.

2. Use messaging on cards, flyers or brochures that appeal to what customers need during the holiday seasons. Use promotions or suggestions that add value. Do customers need what you have to offer to make their holiday seasons run smoothly? Is now a perfect time for customers to complete or purchase something they’ve been waiting to do? Remind your customers of how you can help them during the season by sharing relevant messaging.

3. Through different marketing materials, promote your business and holiday gift certificates in complementary businesses’ locations.

4. Leverage the holiday spirit by doing a small giveaway with a purchase of your product or booking of your services.

5. Give your current database of customers a small holiday gift, something as simple as cookies or a $5.00 coffee shop gift card to say thank you. Attach a referral card or special offer, deliver in person and ask if they’ve been satisfied with your business you’d appreciate them sharing your contact information with friends and family.

6. Use the holidays to expand your typical geographic area. If you’re in a larger area, reach out to potential customers you don’t normally market to with a direct mailing listing your skills, products or offerings.

7. Use your social media platforms or direct mailings to give customers helpful tips for winter/holiday months that pertain to your industry. This gives you the ability to get your business top of mind while making you an expert they can trust.

8. Reach out to customers you haven’t heard from in a while. When was the last time you used your past customer database? The holidays are the perfect time to get back in touch with a personal message of a new offering you might have, or when you have availability for a service they might need.

The holidays don’t have to be slow for you if you drive awareness of your business by using a unique marketing strategy with relevant, helpful and personal messaging.

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