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Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is one of the most important ways that people find and connect with you. You can deliver #content through print and digital efforts.

Content marketing is not just for increasing visibility. It’s for establishing trust and credibility with your target audience, too. A company with relevant, informative content is quickly identified as a thought leader. If buyers trust your content, they will trust your company.

How do you get it right? Here are a few ideas for developing content:

1. Partner with trusted sources. Writing direct mail, email, and other content may not be your specialty. Enlist copy writers, an agency or other marketers to help create content that will keep you relevant as well as drive #response.

2. Develop content that stands out. Content should teach, inspire or entertain your target audience. Stale topics, old stats or overused sales lingo will lose your audience quickly. Create fresh content that reflects your expertise.

3. Add customer-contributed validation. Recommendations and referrals are key to credibility. Add #customer reviews, testimonials, and UGC (user generated-content) where you can in digital and print marketing.

4. Engage qualified, verified, and predisposed audiences. The key to conversion is targeting the right content to the audience needing your product or service at a specific time. If you are selling home furnishings, for example, try a direct #mail piece sent to new movers. Find the right targets—and then put the right information in front of them. Your conversion rate will increase.

Tailor your content to the right #channel, as well. The type of content you use in a direct mail piece will be different from the content you use in an email. Know your channels and create appropriate content for each one.

Need content ideas for your direct mail? Let's chat!

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