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2017 Marketing – Focusing on the Customer Experience

What sets your business apart? While another business might offer the same services as you, the experience you give your customer or potential customer can help close the deal.

Currently, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator against competitors. *

The new year brings opportunities to include new ideas in to your marketing. Here are 7 ways to focus on the customer experience in 2017:

1. Tell your story. How will customers know your background, your passion or your skillset if you don’t tell them? While knowing what you do is important, knowing who you are is equally important. Telling your story paves the way for a trusting, loyal customer relationship.

2. Let your customer guide you. Listen to what your customers are asking for and what they’re needing. Listening and learning first allows you to then present tailored messaging on special offers, services or skills that are relevant to them.

3. Be social. Creating a social media presence means you’re in the space customers are already spending time. Having a presence is the first step, but boost the customer experience by sharing current before and after pictures of your work, hosting giveaways, personally thanking customers, driving special offers and posting testimonials.

4. Personalize messaging. Whether you’re sending direct mail, introductory letters, thank you cards or holiday greetings, use your customers’ names and messaging relevant and timely to them.

5. Be accessible. Voicemail and overdue return calls are no longer satisfying customers’ needs to contact you quickly and efficiently. If you have a small business, allow customers the ability to text and email you. Allot time every few hours to check and respond. The customer experience is elevated when they feel like they can reach you when they need to.

6. Drive loyalty. Create ways to show your loyal customers your thankful for them. Offer gift cards or discounts on the next service if they refer you. Create a package that includes multiple services for a lower bundled price. Focus on the experience that makes them want to be loyal to you.

7. Ask for feedback. After your project is complete, ask for feedback. A personal follow up phone call, online survey or email questionnaire are all ways to tell your customer you appreciate their opinion on your services. Customers that know you care how they feel about your services helps drive the relationship for future business.

Focusing on the customer experience can give you a competitive edge in your industry. Build your 2017 marketing strategy using tactics to help create the ultimate customer experience.

*- Gartner

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