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Web-to-Print Marketing Portal Benefits

What’s a marketing #portal? It’s a private website just for your company that houses your branded marketing materials. Your portal gives you and your employees the ability to quickly order different materials to fit your needs. From postcards and flyers to door hangers and business cards, your portal can include many different materials and designs ready to order. Once you place an order on your portal, it's linked directly to our in-house production system. Our team prints your materials then mails or ships them the next business day. So your order went from the web to print to delivery in no time!

Here are five ways a web-to-print marketing portal can save you money:

1. Faster, easier ordering. Every time one of your employees has to stop what they're doing to place a manual order, it costs you money. By automating the process, they can spend more time focusing on things that make you money.

2. No more wasted inventory. When you order through your portal, you can order in smaller quantities on demand. No more throwing out large amounts of letterhead, brochures, or other business and marketing materials when they go out of date.

3. No errors. When you approve and centralize all your materials in a portal, the branding elements are locked in. That means you eliminate the use of incorrect images, colors, fonts and old logos. You also eliminate the cost of reprinting.

4. Embrace the template. Companies can spend a lot of money using a designer for their one-off marketing materials. By creating templates to order on your portal, you can save that money for other things.

5. Save time. Time is money, right? By starting with a brand-approved template, you can turn around materials quickly, even when you need to make changes to the copy, offer, or image using your portal’s editor. This allows you to respond more quickly to market changes and get in front of your target #audience before a competitor.

These are some of the benefits of web-to-print marketing portals, but there are so many more. Lexinet will build your portal, #design your materials and #mail or ship everything for you. It's a turnkey process.

Let’s start saving you money! Contact us to talk through what materials you’d like on your portal. Learn more about this #digital solution here.

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