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Want Attention? Use Surprise!

Every year, we look forward to the Superbowl—for the ads, of course. Superbowl ads are known for their funny twists. The laugh comes from the element of surprise.

You can use the same approach in your own marketing. This topic was recently covered by MarketingProfs, which offered techniques marketers can use to hook readers with their blog posts, tweets, and marketing copy. We’ll look at some of their suggestions with our own twist thrown in for good measure.

1. Get fresh!

By definition, surprise takes us out of the box. Don’t be afraid to be edgy . . . but keep the material appropriate to your target audience.

2. Tap the headlines.

Create your own twist on newsworthy events. MarketingProfs used the example of Oreo, which seized on the 34-minute power outage during Superbowl XLVII by tweeting, “Power Out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark!”

3. Keep up with your audience.

Stay on top of the things your audience cares about. If you see a higher than usual number of comments to a blog post, for example, find a way to integrate that back into the conversation.

4. Let others chime in.

Sometimes being surprising requires a fresh look at the content. Bring in new faces on your staff, even if they are not in the marketing department, and ask for their ideas. You have a wealth of humor at your disposal. Tap it!

5. Be a (calculated) risk taker.

Taking calculated risks is part of great marketing. Test something new and take the pulse. You won't know if something new will work until you try it.

Happy surprising!

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