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Perks of Using USPS

At Lexinet, we work with the United States Postal Service every day to ship and mail thousands of pieces. Many are not aware of all the countless services offered by USPS. These services are not only valuable to us at Lexinet, but also to various other businesses and consumers across the country. The USPS has more than 200 federal laws that protect and ensure the mail they ship is trusted and secure*. This allows us and millions of others to relax and rest assured that our letters and packages are in good hands.

As a business, USPS offers Bulk Mail rates that could save your company thousands of dollars each year. At Lexinet, we utilize this service as much as possible. The term Bulk Mail refers to larger quantities of mail prepared to send out at reduced postage. In order to receive Bulk Mail rates you must do some of your local post office’s pre-work in order to receive a discount. A few examples of this include sorting mail by ZIP Code and transporting mail to the nearest postal facility. There are costs associated with utilizing this option (time, purchasing a mailing permit, software) but if you are shipping out large quantities of mail this could be a great cost-savings for you and your customers. For example, a First-Class postage stamp costs 49¢. If your business were to take the time and make the investment to get Bulk Mail rates you could get this cost down to under 38¢. This may not seem like much, but if your business is shipping out a 10,000-piece job that is over $1,100 in savings!

A newer offering that is beneficial for both businesses and consumers is USPS’s Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery allows you to preview the outside of your incoming letter-sized mail pieces every day through your computer or mobile device. This is a unique service that gives you a heads-up whenever that piece you have been waiting for arrives or when to expect it to arrive. Won’t be home to receive a package? With Informed Delivery you are able to leave delivery instructions to ensure your package is received just as you would like. With this service you are also able to reschedule deliveries you may have missed.

Another great perk of using USPS is numerous mail class options. Below you can find info on what mail class you should use to make sure your piece arrives at just the right time!

This holiday season we want to thank all of those at USPS who deliver marketing messages, letters to loved ones, holiday cards, and much more. They are able to transport all across the United States, its territories, and even United States military bases worldwide for just 49¢ or less!

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