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Stay in Touch with the Right Timing

What makes for great #marketing mailings? It’s content, but it’s also timing and frequency. The ideal number of mailings is often said to be eight to ten per year. However, while repetition is essential, you want to respect people’s time. To be effective, you need to strike a balance. One of the ways you can do this by changing up the way you present the #message.

Here are some ideas:

1. Tie the message to special events.

Can your product or service help to celebrate a national holiday or special event? For example, the Super Bowl. People eat snacks and drink beverages at all times of the year, but marketers use the Super Bowl to showcase how their brands make the party perfect.

2. Announce new or unique features to stand out.

Upgrades to your products provide the perfect excuse to touch base with your customers. “Hey, we’ve got something new!” Likewise, utilize promotions made by your competitors to stand out. “You may have heard that Brand X is the longest-lasting widget on the market. But you may not know that our product...” Use competitive moves to your advantage.

3. Drip your content.

Another way to continually put yourself in front of the customer is to use #drip marketing. Here you present different elements of your message over time.

· In the first touch, you might present your product in a problem-solution format.

· In the second touch, you might talk about how the product fits into changing market conditions.

· In the third touch, you might talk about how the product is positioned against competitive products.

· In the fourth touch, you might follow up with customer testimonials.

Although you are continually engaging your customer, you are presenting fresh, relevant information each time.

4. Change up your formats.

Mix in different mailing #formats, too. Try postcards, tri-folds, and envelopes with letters. Also look at using different textures, design techniques and sizes.

Want more suggestions on keeping in touch with customers? Let's chat!

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