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Shifting Marketing Touchpoints

We are all working on adapting to current circumstances. Events, marketing, advertising- it’s all changing. But we’re not seeing any of those efforts coming to a halt. They're just shifting; taking a different shape.

In-person marketing #touchpoints can be crucial to organizations and businesses, from fundraising to selling services. We’re sharing a few ideas on shifting those touchpoints:

· Real Estate Virtual Tours: give buyers a complete in-home look at layouts and amenities they can review multiple times on their own schedule.

· Virtual Coffee Chats: set a morning meeting invite to enjoy a virtual coffee with your prospect or customer. This type of meeting creates an atmosphere for a comfortable connection.

· Virtual Home Consultations: landscaping, interior design and construction companies can benefit greatly from offering virtual consultations and customized plans that only require pictures or videos and measurements from homeowners.

· Virtual Auctions and Fundraising Events: utilize your website or create a new landing page that features your purpose, mission and auction items. Giving an easy, accessible way to give online can help drive donations.

· Virtual Recruitment Events/Job Fairs: reach a wide audience where candidates can interact with recruiters, network with other candidates and receive information about your company.

While so much of our world has had to move online, we also know people are at home more where you can reach them outside of a digital setting. Mailing customized #invitations or informational #brochures in addition to online events or meetings creates a valuable, #personalized and thoughtful touchpoint. Lexinet is open and ready to create custom materials for you. Tell us how we can help.

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