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QR Codes Connect Customers

QR Codes were first developed in 1994; you've heard of them and most likely interacted with them. They continue to be a relevant tool in marketing. In fact, the usage of QR Codes is growing with Instagram launching a new QR Code functionality just months ago. Utilizing QR codes connects print marketing to a digital experience, giving customers access to the information they want and need about your business. We'll share ideas on how to incorporate these codes in different ways.

What are QR Codes? Quick Response Codes are square, matrix barcodes that store data such as URL's. You'll see them on direct mailers, menus, posters, advertising signage and other print communications. When viewed through the lens of a cell phone camera, the codes take customers from the printed piece to online content. Older phones require the user to download an app for reading the code, while newer cameras have the capability already built-in. Pointing the camera at the QR Code launches the phone's web browser that leads to the desired content.

Here are ideas on where to use QR Codes to connect with customers:

1. Packaging. QR Codes add value as "closers" on retail sales. Adding QR codes to your product packaging can link your customers to enhanced merchandise information including videos testimonials and tips on how to use your products in different ways.

2. Provide more details. Are you encouraging people to stop by your business location or attend an event? Add a QR Code to your direct mail, rack cards and posters to lead people online for more information on your location, hours or event details.

3. Social media contests. Uploading pictures or videos for a contest is a great way to create #engagement. How do most people take photos and videos? On their phones. You can create a print-to-mobile link to make it easy for people to participate.

4. Incentivize with coupons or offers. One of the best ways to tip the scales for customers on the fence about a purchase decision is giving them a coupon or special offer. QR Codes are a great way to do that on the spot. "Scan this code for 15% off!"

5. Hang tags or shelf-talkers. What information is needed for a purchase decision that isn't already on the packaging? Installation instructions, reviews and comparisons to competitive products can provide customers with the confidence to purchase. A QR Code on hang tags or shelf-talkers can lead to pictures or videos with any of that information.

6. COVID-19 Response. Social distancing drives the need for new paths to physical-digital connections even more. Restaurants are starting to open back up with health precautions top of mind. Posters or table cards with a QR Code leading to the menu can help create a more touchless experience. Through QR Codes printed on signage, retail stores can create #touchless pay systems or alleviate in-person discussions by connecting to customer service representatives online.

QR Codes continue to be valuable tools in marketing. Let us help brainstorm ways to connect you and your customers using QR Codes. Let's chat!

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