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Personalize Fundraising Marketing

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any #nonprofit. If you want people to give to your mission, they need to know about your mission, care about that mission, and understand difference you make in the world.

Personalizing your communications helps achieve these goals. How? Personalization deepens #engagement. When you personalize your emails and direct mail pieces, #donors (or potential donors) are more likely to read your messaging. Consequently, they are more likely to stay connected to your organization and work, driving them to continue to help fund it.

While you can certainly reap significant gains from using complex data-driven strategies, there are three simple approaches to personalization that can make a huge difference, as well.

1. Talk to donors by name. Whether you are using direct mail or email, adding someone’s name is a simple process. This is an easy entry into #personalization and communicates to the donor that you value them. It also reminds the donor of their existing relationship with you and creates a subtle sense of responsibility and pride to stay involved and continue to #give.

2. Reference their previous giving. Utilize the simple data you have from each donor, like how much they have donated in the past. By referencing the amount of the donor’s previous gift, they are likely to be motivated to give at least the same amount again. You can also challenge them to increase their #generosity.

3. Give updates on their favorite projects. Be sure to ask donors about the aspects of your mission they care about most, then provide updates on these projects (including pictures) and tie their giving to this progress. “Your $100 donation helped us complete Phase 1 of our school renovations! We thought you’d enjoy seeing how things are coming along.”

Personalization doesn’t have to be complicated, and even basic steps like these can reap big results.

If you aren’t already personalizing your direct mail and email #communications, talk to us about getting started. Let's chat!

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