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Marketing Mailings - It's in the Details

Looking at revamping your #marketing mailings in 2021? Here are a few details to consider.

1. Fit your format. Before you start your design, choose your mailing format carefully. Know how much space you have to work with and design within those guidelines. If you have a lot of content, consider using larger formats, such as flats, that give you more space. Postcards also offer a great way to share concise messaging with a QR code that can link to more information online. Choose the format that works best for what you're wanting to convey.

2. Pick the right mailing class. Do you know the difference between First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail, and commercial mail? Do you know how your postage would change if you used an oversized postcard versus a letter? Consider all of your options to choose what's best for your marketing #strategy and budget.

3. Drip with different options. Using a drip campaign with different mailing formats draws attention. Throughout your campaign try using a combination of a postcard, letter and greeting card with cohesive messaging. Each marketing touch with your customer or prospect will be unique.

4. Using Informed Delivery. The USPS can turn your mailing in to an added bonus of a marketing email. The homeowners that are signed up for the #USPS Informed Delivery program will receive an email with an image of your mail piece before it's in their mailbox. The USPS also lets you run interactive campaigns where those emails are clickable to your website or a landing page. Using this program lets prospects interact with your business content both digitally and physically to drive #response rates.

5. Stand Out. Your marketing can stand out through vibrant imagery, bright colors, and compelling messaging. Test different text and images with different audiences to find what messaging gives you traction with customers and prospects.

When it comes to marketing #mailings, details matter and Lexinet can help you. Let's chat!

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