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Introducing Agent Z Marketing

Lexinet created and developed a new marketing portal, Agent Z Marketing, based on demand in the #salon and #spa industries for affordable marketing materials tailored to their types of services.

Through modern designs, customization available and multiple materials to choose from, Agent Z is helping service providers reach new clients and grow business. Different options on the site include oversized mailed postcards, rack cards and business cards. Our Agent Z Marketing customer testimonials speak volumes to how invaluable #marketing materials are to growth.

Once Agent Z Marketing launched, industry research showed #restaurants are looking for different ways to reach the masses in their communities with updates and info during COVID-19 changes. Agent Z Eats was developed as an arm of Agent Z Marketing with unique designs specific to restaurants. Messaging is structured to reach patrons at home with messaging about a restaurant's new hours or offers such as curb-side pickup or takeout options.

Visit Lexinet's Agent Z Marketing to learn more or order custom marketing materials that we print and ship in-house. You can also follow Agent Z Marketing on Instagram and Facebook for updated info on different materials and marketing tips.

Is your company looking to #automate marketing processes? A marketing portal to house branded materials for your employees to order from would create efficiencies and #save marketing dollars across the board. We can develop and design not only your custom portal, but your materials, too. From development to shipping, the entire process is made easy in-house at Lexinet. Let's chat!

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