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Get More from Your Print Budgeting with Re-Targeting

You make a significant investment in your print marketing. Yet even with the most targeted, well-concepted campaign, sometimes you don’t net the sale. Why?

Often, it’s because many conversations need to be kept going before they bear fruit. This is where re-targeting comes in. Once a prospect visits your website, you target them again (re-target them) on social media. This allows you to further engage them and complete the sale.

Re-targeting is possible because once people visit your website, you can track their movements, even after they leave your site. Based on the pages they visit, your target audience will be shown relevant digital ads on social media sites like Facebook.

Say you are a manufacturer of lawn care equipment. You have recently dropped your spring direct mail promotion and want to follow up with people who respond by going to your website. Buyers start flocking in, but most of them are only casual lookers. Some of them, however, are more interested. They are interested enough, in fact, to drill down deeper into your product pages to look at the detailed specs. These are the buyers you want to capture.

If buyers get to the detailed specs on a zero turn mower, for example, but don’t make a purchase, you might re-target them with Facebook ads inviting them to hear what others are saying about the mower they are interested in. If they go further than the specs (say, they click all the way through to the customer reviews), but still don’t make a purchase, you might target them with a direct call to action instead. “Never miss a blade of grass again! Use this 20% off coupon to purchase the ZERO TURN mower everyone is talking about!”

You make a significant investment in pulling people into the sales funnel, so keep the conversation going until they are ready to make a purchase. Re-targeting makes the most of your investment in print marketing and can be a key component of any lead nurturing strategy.

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