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National Women's Small Business Month

National Women's Small Business Month

October has been a busy and exciting month at Lexinet. We launched our newly redesigned website, started prepping for holiday card season and continued designing/printing thousands of orders. October is also National Women’s Small Business Month. We’re excited and proud to celebrate this designation.

The Lexinet Corporation was founded in 1991 by the woman who still leads us today, company president Lisa Boyer. With the help of a small community block grant, area organizations, investors and businesses, our woman-owned business embarked on its mission to bring a fresh perspective to marketing and mailing solutions. We have been successful at that mission for more than 25 years.

According to American Express’ 2016 State of Women-Owned Business Report, women own 38 percent of businesses in the United States. There are over 11.3 million female-owned businesses in the country. This month celebrates the progress and success of women-owned businesses while inspiring more to start and grow. We’re proud to not only be female-owned, but also female managed.

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