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QR codes used at restaurants
qr codes

utilizing qr codes in marketing

QR codes are not only back on the rise, they're everywhere.

They were first developed in 1994 and their relevance has grown since social distancing, staying home and remote work changed the course of businesses. They've always been a strong marketing tool, but their popularity has increased to where even Instagram launched a new QR code functionality just months ago.

What are QR codes? Quick Response Codes are square, matrix barcodes that store data such as URL's. For a long time a separate QR code reader app was required to scan the codes, which led to a slow adoption of the technology. With newer phones just simply holding your phone's camera up to a code will scan it automatically. Making this functionality native to phones means the codes are easier to interact with and more widely used.


Looking for different ideas on how to use QR codes?

Advertising: Add a QR code to your direct mail, newsletter, flyer or brochure. QR codes connect print marketing to a digital experience, giving customers more access to information about your business. Link to your website, landing pages or videos that share more in-depth details about your products or services. QR codes take up less room on your print piece, but still provide customers an easy, digital way to learn more.

Packaging: Adding QR codes to your product packaging can link your customers to enhanced merchandise information including reviews, tips on ways to use or instructions on how to put your product together.

Retail Signage: QR codes allow a touchless experience physical stores. From learning about different current offers or product benefits to allowing them to pay digitally, QR codes give customers an easy and safe way to interact with your store and complete transactions. Posters, flyers, shelf talkers, hang tags provide more options to utilize QR codes.

Restaurant Signage: Social distancing drives the need for new paths to physical-digital connections even more. Restaurants are starting to open back up with health precautions top of mind. Posters or table cards with a QR code leading to the menu can help create a more touchless experience and could allow users to order and pay as well.

Unique Sharing: Special touches to advertising or holiday cards could include a QR code that links directly to a special playlist specifically created for a holiday, celebration or just something fun to entertain your customers or prospects. Linking to a music streaming service like Spotify with a playlist you created add something different and lighter to make you stand out.

QR codes will continue to be valuable in marketing. Let us help you brainstorm ways to connect you and your customers using QR codes. Let's chat!

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