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Sell More by Upping the "Feels"

Increasingly, marketers understand the power of #emotions. Product features and benefits are essential, but someone’s need, connection, or desire often motivates the actual purchase. Look at some of the most iconic brands on the market. Johnson & Johnson doesn’t sell Band-Aids based on their adhesive properties. They convey care by showing a crying child being soothed by a loving parent. #Nike doesn’t sell shoes based on the resilience of its soles. They show athletes overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness.

Here are three ways you can tap into emotion in your #marketing:

1. Think “simple” or “complex.”

Simple sales are those for which people can make quick, easy decisions based on numbers: This product is 10% cheaper than that one. That product offers 25% more longevity than the one I have. However, with complex decisions like financial, insurance, and medical products, emotion plays a much more significant role. What makes me feel safe? How can I best protect my family long-term? When writing your product #copy, think about which category your products fall into.

2. Be authentic.

Honesty makes consumers feel connected and creates trust and respect for the brand. Consider Allstate Insurance. In its 30-second slice-of-life commercials, homeowners can relate to their humanness by showing examples of scenarios we all face. These scenarios feel natural and familiar. Be honest and relatable.

3. Think beyond the sale.

Show an interest in your customers and prospects beyond the sale. Drop them tips and tricks that help them with everyday problems. Create emotional #engagement that transcends the immediate need. Stanley Steemer does this well. This company sends a high number of direct mail pieces and emails every year. While some of these pieces are designed to sell, cross-sell, and upsell, the majority are tips for various household cleaning projects. This is information is useful whether people end up purchasing Stanley Steemer services or not.

Emotion and #brand connection sell. Maybe not right away, but over time. Be honest, be relatable, and invest in your customers long-term. It takes more effort, but it pays off in the long run. Need more ideas? Let's chat!

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