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Ideas for using print to build customer relationships.

We might be in different industries or at different companies, but we’re all working towards the same goals: sales and growth. This means we’re all in the same business of customer relationship building. These efforts take communication, time, tailoring and consistency with marketing and branding.

With any marketing strategy a mix of mediums with cohesive branding will connect you to your customer and ensure you are top of mind at every touch point. Including print marketing as one of those mediums continues to be effective in extending your presence with your customers. There is a myriad of printed options for you to utilize.

Here is a quick list of ideas to help build relationships through consistency and #branding:

· Postcards are an affordable and efficient #marketing tool to communicate with a larger audience. Using targeted mailing lists, you can connect with customers by personalizing the content that is relevant to them. Create a marketing series that consistently puts your business name and information in their hands while sharing helpful tips, new products or special offers and messaging throughout the year.

· Newsletters continue to be a valuable tool in speaking to customers or prospects outside of the digital world and inside their homes. Newsletter content can show expertise in your industry, company news and product offerings. It’s a larger mailing format that stands out.

· Brochures or Booklets provide the perfect “leave behind” that have the space to use visuals and more content about your products and services. Leaving materials with customers after in-person meetings or home shows means they’ll spend more time with your company information in their hands later.

· Greeting Cards foster a different level of relationships. Use your customers’ personal data to connect with them. When is their birthday? Anniversary? Do they celebrate Christmas? Send them a personalized greeting card. Stay consistent in those small, authentic efforts. Those can make a lasting impact.

· Annual Reports or a Year in Review can help tell your success stories. What do you want customers, prospects or investors to know about the work you’ve completed? What testimonials can you share that showcase your dedication to customers and your quality of product? Customize your content for the appropriate audiences so everyone receives relevant information.

· Business Cards are a quick and easy way to showcase your branding and personality on a smaller space. Use your logo and contact information along with a favorite quote, tagline or saying to make your business cards something your customers hold on to.

In addition to marketing materials or personal greeting cards, building relationships through consistency entails even the smallest details. Put focus on making your company website, letterhead and even invoices cohesive with marketing materials. Consider every time someone interacts with your business, whether they’re holding something physically or viewing it on their screen, everything should be recognizable as yours. That consistency builds #trust.

Let us help you build relationships with your customers through unique, effective #printmarketing materials. Contact us today.

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