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Call To Action - What is it and how do we use it?

What is a “call to action” (CTA) in marketing?

A CTA is specific wording motivating your audience to take a certain, desired action. You’ll see a call to action in #print or digital ads or at the end of a #blog or social media post. They’re also used in different ways on websites.

How do you create a CTA?

Determine the goals of your overall marketing messaging. What do you want your audience to do, and why do you want them to do it? Connecting the “what” and “why” is key for #conversion. Your CTA should be concise and relevant to the rest of your content. Use words that speak directly to your audience to drive excitement, curiosity or encouragement to take action. We're all used to seeing shorter CTA versions such as "learn more" or "shop now". While those examples are useful, you can also use a sentence or two to form a longer CTA and drive #engagement.

What are longer CTA examples?

Let’s say you are offering a new service. Whether your #marketing is in print or digital form, you may have limited space to provide full details. Your goal is for your audience to learn as much as possible about your new service.

The “what” is that you want people to visit your website to learn more. The “why” is so they can understand this new service and how it can benefit them. Here's a few longer CTA examples:

Our website shows how our new service can help you manage XYZ. Take a look and learn how we can help.

Grow your business with our new service. Find out how on our site. Let’s grow!

What are shorter CTA examples?

Maybe you have a product you’d like to promote on sale for a limited time. Your goal is to drive #sales. Using numbers such as pricing discounts or promotional codes can be appealing in a CTA.

The “what” is that you want to drive people to purchase your product. The “why” is because it’s on sale now for a limited time. Here's a few shorter CTA examples:

Take 20% off today only!

Use code XYZ for 20% off today.

What are unique CTA examples?

Use a customer review of your product or service:

"I’ve used this product every day and it’s helped me with XYZ!” – Kelly S., Boulder, Colorado. It can help you, too. Our product has 100% money back guarantee. Try it out.

Draw #emotion with your words:

Book your next adventure!

Let us take that off your plate.

Get ready!

Dreams start here.

While there are a myriad of channels and ways to write #messaging, a strong CTA will continue to be essential and effective in marketing. Determine your goal, be concise and drive action!

Let Lexinet help you with a unique CTA for your next direct #mail campaign.

Let's chat! ......look at that CTA!

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