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protecting our planet


We avoid printing

emails as much as possible. We file emails electronically. We  encourage employees to turn off lights, shut off computers and unplug phone chargers when not in use. We also use energy efficient lighting throughout the building when possible.


We receive and ship a lot of products. We reuse packaging

and boxes at all possible times. We also ask our employees to bring

in boxes from home to recycle or reuse for shipping orders. 


We recycle paper, cardboard, cans and plastic as often as possible. We also recycle used ink cartridges. Lexinet makes employee recycling very easy with

recycle bins throughout our building. We're also an official drop off location for our local recycling program. 


Use less water indoors.

Steer clear of using plastic straws, plates or cups. 

Take reusable bags shopping.

Turn off lights.

Set up recycle bins at home.

Help in community clean ups.


Use cloth towels.

Change paper bills to online.

Use energy-efficient appliances.

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