The Hottest New Market: Your Own Customers!

Often, when we want to boost revenues, we think about drumming up new customers. But why not look to your existing customers instead? You spent a significant amount of time and money winning them over. If you treat them right, they can become your most fertile ground for growing sales. Tapping into this market is called customer marketing. Here are some of the key categories for this approach: Cross-sells: These are products related or complementary to ones your customers already have. For example, if they recently purchased a new television, they might be interested in a new Blu-ray player, as well. Upsells: Here you are selling new, improved versions of products customers already own. If a

Language Your Audience “Gets”

Whether you are writing copy for a postcard or an email, the language you use matters. Just like products and images, the wording you use should be matched to the different demographics of your target audience(s). Let’s look at three examples: #1: Millennials Millennials have great influence and spending power, and despite conventional wisdom, they are highly influenced by direct mail. But the traditional “features and benefits” approach doesn’t work for this group. Instead, Millennials tend to seek experiences. Your messaging should focus less on the details of the product and more on how it benefits their lives. If you are selling bicycles, for example, you might focus less on how smoothl