Want Attention? Use Surprise!

Every year, we look forward to the Superbowl—for the ads, of course. Superbowl ads are known for their funny twists. The laugh comes from the element of surprise. You can use the same approach in your own marketing. This topic was recently covered by MarketingProfs, which offered techniques marketers can use to hook readers with their blog posts, tweets, and marketing copy. We’ll look at some of their suggestions with our own twist thrown in for good measure. 1. Get fresh! By definition, surprise takes us out of the box. Don’t be afraid to be edgy . . . but keep the material appropriate to your target audience. 2. Tap the headlines. Create your own twist on newsworthy events. MarketingProfs

Can Print Drive Social Media Engagement? You Bet!

Want to drive more social media engagement? Use print! It sounds counterintuitive, but time after time, both the data and anecdotal evidence tell us it’s true. As proof, look to Skinny Cow, which offers low-fat dairy treats. Skinny Cow uses print to drive participation in its social media and mobile contests. To engage consumers, the company offers daily giveaways. To participate, consumers must purchase one of the company’s products, such as low-fat cheese or ice cream bars, at a retail location. Then, they type in the barcode or six-digit game code from the box or wrapper to see if they have won. They can tweet about the contest to gain an additional chance to win. By printing codes on its