3 Tips for QR Code Success

You see QR Codes everywhere these days. These black-and-white boxes can be scanned with any mobile phone using QR Code scanning software or with Apple's iOS 10. Scanning the code takes you instantly to a landing page or some other online destination, such as a video or map. QR Codes can be great tools, but marketers sometimes make rookie mistakes that render them ineffective. When adding QR Codes to marketing materials, here are three errors you want to avoid: 1. Don't use QR Codes in an email. While QR Codes can be embedded in digital media, 55% of email is now opened on mobile phones. If someone opens an email on their phone, they won't be able to scan a QR Code embedded in it. This sounds

3 Steps to Rocking Your 1:1 Print Marketing Campaign

You’ve seen the power of 1:1 print marketing and decided to give it a try. From data to customer profiling to layout and design, however, there is so much to do. Where do you begin? Start by asking three questions. 1. What are you trying to accomplish? Success starts with setting a specific and realistic marketing goal. “Increasing sales” isn’t good enough. If you are an auto dealership, for example, the goal might be to get customers to return to the dealership for their 50,000-mile scheduled maintenance. For a bookstore, it might be to motivate sailing aficionados to attend a book signing by a local author specializing in nautical topics. 2. What data do you have? Next, figure out what dat