Want Great Direct Mail? Do This!

Want to get the most out of your direct mail budget? Want to get the maximum return on your investment? Here are five ideas that, while simple, can bring great results. 1. Be relevant, not complicated: Personalized communications do not have to be complicated to be effective. If you are a roofing company, for example, you do not need to know someone's household income, the presence of children in the home, and favorite hobbies to create an effective mailing after a wind storm. Finding homeowners with older homes (and older roofs) might be enough. 2. Go small or go home: We are familiar with the phrase "Go big or go home," but when it comes to mailing, sometimes less is more. By creating rele

Is Investing in Data-Driving Messaging Worth It?

Still on the fence about investing in data-driven messaging for your print campaigns? It takes additional time and expense to develop marketing databases, create customer profiles, and develop messaging for personalized communications. Is it worth it? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some new data from Epsilon: 90% of consumers see personalized communications as “somewhat” or “very” appealing. 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. 75% of consumers say it is “very cool” when they receive personalized offers. Epsilon also found that consumers are very willing to provide personal information when it will be use