Top Characteristics of Satisfied Customers

What makes a customer satisfied or unsatisfied in doing business with you? A recent survey from MarketingSherpa provides important insights. The “Consumer Satisfaction Research Study,” based on data gathered from 2,400 customers, asked consumers to identify the characteristics of companies they do business with, including their marketing practices. It also asked whether they were satisfied or unsatisfied and why. As it relates to marketing, here are the top answers of “satisfied” customers: “It [the company] doesn’t always try to sell to me but tries to provide value” (35%) “Its marketing is not intrusive” (34%) “It is respectful of my privacy” (33%) “It makes me feel like I have a relations

Planning an Event? You Need These 7 Items!

Are you planning an event? If so, marketing needs to go beyond direct mail and email. It requires a comprehensive strategy that ensures that your audience has a positive experience and spreads the word after it is over. Here’s a checklist that you make the event the best it can be. 1. Direct mail. Consider a drip strategy: one mailing well in advance and one (or more) closer to the date to nudge them to respond if they have not already. People are busy. Get on their calendars early. 2. Email. Touch base on a regular basis, so people do not forget about you. Send teasers about fun activities, engaging content, and featured speakers. Drip reminders and build excitement about the event. 3. Prom