10 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is a Life Hack

Is direct mail a life hack? According to, the answer is yes. At least, it’s a marketing hack every company should know. Here are 10 reasons direct mail needs to be one of your marketing hacks. 1. Increases branding and keeps your company top of mind. 2. Is one of the most inexpensive, yet most effective marketing strategies. 3. Is seen by 98% of recipients the same day it is delivered. 4. Evades the spam filter. 5. Can serve a variety of marketing goals, from short-term promotions (coupons, flyers) to an ongoing, more extensive customer retention strategy. 6. Builds long-term customer relationships. Think birthday cards, holiday reminders, and newsletters. 7. Serves as an infor


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Perks of Using USPS

At Lexinet, we work with the United States Postal Service every day to ship and mail thousands of pieces. Many are not aware of all the countless services offered by USPS. These services are not only valuable to us at Lexinet, but also to various other businesses and consumers across the country. The USPS has more than 200 federal laws that protect and ensure the mail they ship is trusted and secure*. This allows us and millions of others to relax and rest assured that our letters and packages are in good hands. As a business, USPS offers Bulk Mail rates that could save your company thousands of dollars each year. At Lexinet, we utilize this service as much as possible. The term Bulk Mail re