How Much Do Bad Addresses Cost You?

You’ve probably heard that bad addresses can kill the ROI on a direct mail campaign. But what are the numbers behind it? Just how costly can bad addresses be? In a webinar sponsored by Epicomm, the Association for Leaders in Print, Mail, Fulfillment, and Marketing Services, the presenter told us just how much impact they can have. Mark Rheaume, national postal affairs director for AccuZIP, provided some eye-opening numbers: On average, 4% of organizations’ mailing lists are undeliverable. (That’s on average. For many companies, this number is higher.) For mail that achieves the five-digit presort rate, the cost is $.383. This means that, for every 1,000 mail pieces returned as Undeliverable

Building Relationships Builds Your Business

We often hear this question, “What is the best way to attract and retain new customers?” The answer you will most often find is developing meaningful relationships with your customers drives both sales and loyalty. Here are 4 ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by building customer relationships: 1. Follow-Up Following up with customers is common knowledge, yet few companies put that extra effort in. According to the Association of Sales Directors, 81% of sales happen on or after the 5th time making contact. That means you could only be reaching about 20% of your business’s potential! Make a goal to schedule follow ups via email, phone or live meetings to keep in consistent