2017 Marketing – Focusing on the Customer Experience

What sets your business apart? While another business might offer the same services as you, the experience you give your customer or potential customer can help close the deal. Currently, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator against competitors. * The new year brings opportunities to include new ideas in to your marketing. Here are 7 ways to focus on the customer experience in 2017: 1. Tell your story. How will customers know your background, your passion or your skillset if you don’t tell them? While knowing what you do is important, knowing who you are is equally important. Telling your story paves the way for a trusting, loyal customer relationshi

Maximizing Your Return on Mailings

If your mailing is over-sized, personalized and relevant, it stands out. People want to read more. Here are some techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of your mailings. 1. Narrow down and target the recipients. Custom mailings can include addressing your customer and providing them with content that is useful to them. Utilizing a targeted list for these types of mailings will help you create the best message for your recipients. 2. Leverage the envelope for more marketing real estate. Quick, personalized teasers on the outside of the envelope drive curiosity on what’s on the inside. 3. Keep it relevant. Grab and keep their attention with information that pertains to who they are and wh