2017 Social Trends: 5 Quick-Hits

As we wrap up the calendar year, we want to ensure that you are up-to-date on upcoming and current social trends that you can expect to see in 2017. Here are 5 quick-hits for what to expect as we jump into 2017! 1. Vicarious Experiences Will Gain Importance Customers will want to live through the story that you are telling them on social. People are going to want to see your products/services and how you go about providing them. Some of the best ways to reach your customer base in 2017 will be through 360 imaging, video, and live video. Live video will continue building momentum across social platforms. Kick off the year by including real-time flashes of your work into your year-long strateg

Essentials for Marketing Success

There are key essentials you will need when marketing your company. Here are a few tips on pieces to complete the marketing puzzle for your business. Website- Have a professionally built, high-functioning site; it is vital to your marketing. You want your site to be user and mobile-friendly so customers can learn about you efficiently. A visually appealing, well put together, and easy-to-use site lends itself to customers trusting you and your business. Social Media- Quality over quantity is the key to success when marketing on social media channels. The “shotgun approach” is no longer a viable option as people are being hit by so many advertisements while scrolling through their feeds. Thro