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Agent Z Marketing is a new portal created and developed by Lexinet based on the demand for affordable, modern marketing materials specific to the salon and spa industry.  

This portal is an easy-to-use tool that provides cost-effective marketing solutions to service providers. Each marketing material is customizable allowing current offers, services or specific information to be included. From the unique designs to the success stories we're already seeing, Agent Z is helping crack the marketing code for reaching new clients.

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Agent Z postcard designs
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Agent Z Marketing expanded in to the restaurant industry after multiple business owners reached out. Business owners wanted to know how their restaurants could reach the masses in their community and relay that they are now open or offering curb-side and takeout options after being closed. Agent Z Eats was created specifically for the restaurant and food industry. The marketing materials to choose from can be customized and are perfect for sharing menu items, specials or announcements. 

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Lexinet will develop a marketing portal specific to your business or industry needs. Your portal can house a variety of marketing materials and designs. We can also design, print, ship and mail the pieces in-house. Looking for a custom portal? Let's chat!