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About Us

We believe in the concept of team — the Lexinet team working together to deliver consistent quality to customers. However, we also live by the notion that we’re on the same team as our customers and, together, we create a beautiful partnership.

Here are a few other “Lexinisms” we live by:

We believe life is too short not to enjoy what we do.
We believe our customers’ customers are our customers — and we never forget that.
We believe that the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas are, quite possibly, the best place in the world to work.
We believe our community is only as good as each resident, and we volunteer as part of our commitment to community and to Lexinet.

We believe in recycling and are proud to use corn-based toner — not plastic inks — to produce our print products.

We believe in providing prompt, high-quality service (and appreciate prompt payment).

We believe our name isn’t as easy to pronounce as it looks. (Think “Lex-a-net.”)

We believe it’s okay to sic our dog Toto on out-of-staters who visit us and proclaim, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

We believe in the power of happy hour!

We believe there is a high school senior out there who might start a competing company that will someday give us a run for our money … and we provide a scholarship each year to give that local student a leg up on her or his business studies.
We believe we are in the marketing solutions business…and have been for over 20 years.
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